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WELCOME TO Mahali & Co

Our goal is to evoke a memorable, new experience from the first bite.

We want to diversify London’s café culture to reflect its growing multicultural community by embracing our own cultural backgrounds which have influenced our palettes. Inspired by our love for pastry and a shared passion for experimentation, we aim to provide a fresh take on laminated dough pastries by introducing unique flavour combinations.

We want to create a space where people can find the finest sourdough bread, venoisserie and condiments all made freshly in-house – ultimately, everything you need for the perfect breakfast, with a twist. Our menu will be concise but confident. Our focus is to provide a solid range of high-quality products that will be innovative, yet familiar, and difficult to replicate elsewhere.

stay fresh with us

Many London bakeries are well worth making a trip for! At Mahali & Co, we pride ourselves in making everything in-house to ensure each product shows our originality and unique flavour combinations. Whether it is venoisserie, breads or cookies, you can be sure there will be something for everyone.

We are working on updating our online offering to include more baking products.  Currently, you can buy our amazing Burnt-butter spelt chocolate chip cookie dough for you to bake at home, as well as our in-house granola and jam options. Get in touch if you can't find what you're after - I'm sure we can sort something out!

At Mahali & Co, we are constantly learning and challenging ourselves to fine tune our recipes. We currently have some of our recipes on our Cookly Bookly page - In addition, you can also buy our amazing butter spelt chocolate chip cookie dough online here as a little treat to get you going! 

Mahali and Co